Totem Team 

Tore Peters-Munch


Tore Peters-Munch, is the passionate founder and Creative Director of Totem Entertainment. Tore inspires the themes, storylines, concepts and costumes, and produces Totem’s performances. Tore applies his experience to the shows, from working as a performer, gymnast, fire artist, bodypainter, costume designer and contemporary dancer.


What is your strength?


“I like to use the latest technology, and combine dance, acrobatic skills, body paint, fire, LED lights and sound to provide a unique ‘show winning’ experience.”


Your weakness?

“Kanelsnegl (Danish Cinnamon buns)”


How did you come up with the name for Totem?


“I came up with the idea when I was living in Sydney in 2014. I wanted to create a performance company with a tribal element, that reflected a flamboyant team of performers. The Totem logo originates from native Indians, where the totem is a spirit, or symbol. Most people know the `totem pole', which serves as an emblem for our Totem team of entertainers. A mythical team, of extraordinary performers, bringing a theme and vision to life!​”

Wade Peters-Munch

Wade is the co-founder and General Manager at Totem Entertainment. Wade implements the structure, planning and operations to make the performances run smoothly. Wade uses his ‘challenger mindset’, to help companies think differently about their entertainment, and to try something new.


What is your strength?

“Making the performances happen. I like listening to the clients feedback and making sure our performances are tailored to their needs. Especially when they see their product, strategy or key themes in the performance, used in a creative way.



“Danish pastries. We eat a lot of cakes in the office. We also have a gym membership.”

Need inspiration for your theme?


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