Performance Ideas

Totem Entertainment offers a variety of themes. Take a look around for inspiration and Contact Us to learn how we can make it happen for your event!


Danish Fairytale - H.C. Andersen in Tivoli Gardens

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales have been translated into 125 languages and have become culturally embedded into the lives of both children and adults worldwide. H.C. Andersen loved Tivoli and found inspiration for some of his fairytales in the magical garden.

An actor playing H.C. Andersen will take you on a journey through H.C. Andersen’s fairytales, including The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, The Nightingale, The Little Match Girl, The Emperor’s New Clothes and Thumbelina. Set in Tivoli Gardens, Harlequin and Columbine also perform their ballet love story, with their friends from the Peacock Stage.


The Future is Bright - The LED Light Experience

Let our futuristic light costumes light up your party. Integrating the latest LED technology, dancers from space and futuristic robots, will get the party started with colourful and programmed costumes. With large wings soaring through the crowds, programmed light swords and LED mapping – the guests are in for a visual treat. Integrate your company logo, pictures of your team, key words or your product into the lights, for that extra wow factor!


Circus Avantgarde

This circus with an avantgarde twist is an explosion of fun, quirky and amazing ‘new circus’ performances. Forget the clowns, and bring on the dancing white horses. The show begins with aerial artists and the ‘Ring Master’ welcoming people to the event, with a ‘moulin rouge’ style performance. Acrobatic tigers and dancing horses bring a dynamic element to the second section. The finale is performed with a live singer and the avantgard ensemble, to create excitement after dinner, and to get the party started.


80's Party - I'm so excited

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control……….

Big hair, big shoulders and big soundtracks. Fashion and movies from the 80s are celebrated with multiple production numbers, sing-a-long karaoke, and iconic scenes from your favourite movies, including Fame, Top Gun, Xanadu and Dirty Dancing. Enjoy music from Wham, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Prince, Bon Jovi and many ‘1 hit wonders.’ Take a trip down memory lane, create new memories and introduce millennials to the era that was the 80s!


90's Glow Party - Pump up the Jam

Britney, Justin, Christina, Salt-N-Pepa, En Vogue, Aqua and Whigfield. Happy Pants, double denim and fluoro jumpsuits. Let’s party like it’s 1999, with multiple full production shows reminiscent of the MTV Music Awards, including a ‘Glow Performance’ integrating UV and LED light shows. Free Your Mind, become a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World or crowd surf your CEO to Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Turn the lights down and turn the glow up!


Studio 54 Disco

Experience the decadence of Studio 54 with a night at the D-I-S-C-O. With extravagant and over the top costumes, the CEO entering the venue on a ‘horse,’ Disco Divas singing on hoops in the ceiling, and sequins and glitter for days. The uplifting feeling from the music will create a fun and energetic atmosphere, with roaming performances, pop-up acts, ‘Studio 54 celebrity’ encounters and mainstage performances. Meet you on the dancefloor!


Mexico Day of the Dead

Celebrate life with this traditional Mexican holiday, with a mixture of colour, music and Mexican culture. Celebrate Latino culture with music, dance, skulls, crosses, flowers and beautiful costumes. With three production shows starting with a celebration of Mexican culture, followed by a darker but uplifting journey into the afterlife, culminating in the final show – a celebration of life, and those who walk among us. Roving artists will also set the flamboyant tone for this daredevil event.

Nordic Mythology - Vikings, Wolves and Queens

Take a journey to the white north and experience the powerful acrobatic Vikings and tumbling wolves. The pack is constant controlling the land, to ensure the power of their territory.

The beautiful yet ice-cold Snow Queen and her dancing Princesses, is always trying to lure the Vikings into the dangerous fog, with their enticing beauty. Once you have been circled by the dancing white beauties, you are forever in their power.

With roots in the Danish traditional show-gymnastics, the dramatic Scandinavian story unfolds with amazing tricks, special effects and show gymnastics. This Scandinavian saga will excite your guests and they can cool down on the dancefloor once they Let it Go in a Frozen snowstorm.


Atlantis - Underwater World

Neptune and Amphitrite welcome you to their underwater world, of weird and wonderful sea creatures.

The show begins with an opera singer, dancers and aerial artists calling all sea creatures to Atlantis to help protect the fortress from Hades. Hades is the brother of Neptune and he wants to conquer Neptunes underwater world.

Before dessert, the second show depicts the big dramatic battle between Neptune and Hades. The finale which is a celebration in Atlantis, with neon-jellyfish, floating sharks, seaweed monsters, tropical fish and water soldiers. Incorporating over the top costumes, LED lights, dancers and gymnasts, go deep or shallow, and party with the people of Atlantis.


Animal Kingdom - Rumble in the Jungle

Through our work with the WWF over the years, nature and animals have always been a great inspiration for the Totem crew. Lions, zebras, tigers, elephants, wolves, reindeer, foxes, swans and birds of paradise, can all help to create a wild theme for your event. Taking inspiration from the Lion King, David Attenborough nature programs, and working with Zoos and Wildlife parks in Denmark, Totem will create an event from the ‘Animal Kingdom.’

Using roaming performers, stories from the circle-of-life, hunting and production shows, unlock your inner beast…..or if you prefer, watch the action from the sidelines, as a frog, or a bird on a tree branch. The Animal Kingdom is diverse – create an inclusive event to include people from all backgrounds and walks-of-life.


The Danish Underground - The Weird and Wonderful Characters of Copenhagen

Do you want to experience an event from a different edge of Copenhagen? Go against the mainstream and meet the weird and wonderful characters from the Danish underground scene. Explore and meet the quirky Mr. and Mrs. Tassel, Big Lip Lady, Trash Drags, Burlesque, The acrobatic Rats and The blind Waiters.

Special and talented performers will provide exaggerated performances that you have never seen before, combining song, dance, contortion, fire, sparks and glamour. Enjoy a submersive mix of Danish culture, alternative theatre and ‘new circus’ performances.

The level of weirdness is up to you to decide!