Pop-Up Xmas 2020

Don't Cancel Xmas!

We will bring the Entertainment to you

Reignite the Christmas spirit and reward your employees after a manic year, with smaller department-sized Julefrokost celebrations. 

We save Xmas with an explosion of energy and 3 hours of entertainment in your office, for you and your colleagues.

We have a flexible booking policy. Probably the most flexible policy in Denmark. Scale up or down based on the assembly limits.

Adhering to COVID guidelines. We are certified by the World Health Organisation to perform a COVID risk assessment. Make an informed decision prior to the event.

How does it work?

Choose: Xmas Cheer 1

Department Size: 200 people

A team of 5 Performers visit staff at their desks, with entertainment and Pop-Up Xmas Shows.


A Snow Queen Host, two Reindeers and two Nissepiger spread Xmas cheer with hot chocolate, gløgg, æbleskiver, chocolates and julebryg.

Staff exchange ‘Secret Santa’ Xmas gifts.

Choose: Xmas Cheer 3

Department Size: Multiple Departments, 800 people.

A team of 7 performers spread Xmas Cheer with a Christmas pageant, a song and dance parade through the departments. 

A Snow Queen Host, two Reindeers, two Nissepiger, a Xmas Star and Walking Xmas Tree, hand out Xmas chocolates, gløgg, biscuits and klejner, with help from the HR Department


A short speech from the Head of HR, thanking staff for a manic year, and wishing staff a Merry Xmas.

Choose: Xmas Cheer 2

Department Size: 3 Departments of 50 people.

A cast of 5 performers, spread Xmas cheer at 3 small gatherings of 50 people, with a Pop-Up Xmas Cabarat Show.


A Tin Soldier Host, two Reindeers and two Nissepiger sing, dance and entertain the department.

Santa gives out the Company’s annual Xmas gifts to employees.


Staff participate in Games and a Xmas Quiz, with Xmas chocolates and prizes.


Choose: Xmas Cheer 4

Department Size: Tailored to your organisation.

You choose and adapt the concept to your organisation. We bring the Xmas cheer!

Xmas Cheer
Pop-Up Xmas Cheer

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