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Totem Entertainment
Totem Entertainment

Company Celebrations, Summer Parties, Anniversaries, Annual Events


Totem will manage the entertainment program for your event. We will create a storyline that is taliored to your audience, based on the theme for the event. Check out Our Entertainment page for the different types of entertainment and entertainers we deliver.



Our entertainers will entertain your guest and create selfie moments, with pop-up performances during your drinks reception.


We will then open the night with the MC welcoming your guests. Impress your colleagues, management team and international guests with a customised and interactive Opening Show.


Before dessert, create an explosion of colour, dance, singing, acrobatics and fire, with a stage performance, to raise the energy levels in the room.


After dessert, get the party started with an LED light show, dancing robots, live singers, a DJ and a Live Band.


Totem will create a series of customised performances to tell a story – be it your company story, a famous person, or a moment in history - or based on one of our Performance Ideas.


Contact Us to learn more about our Event Entertainment and start the creative process

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